Preparatyka Organiczna 2nd Edn; Bochwic, B., Ed., Warszawa: PWN, ; p 8. Sakakibara Nippon Kagaku Zasshi , 81, ; acc. to. J. T. Wróbel, "Preparatyka i elementy syntezy organicznej" PWN B. Bochwic, "Preparatyka organiczna" PWN J. March, "CHEMIA ORGANICZNA. Medicinal Chemistry Artur Mucha and Renata Siedlecka Multistep Organic Synthesis Practical Course Wrocław, Introduction Most of organic syntheses are.


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Simple and easily accessible substrates are transformed into more complicated compounds, which can be used as pharmaceuticals, food additives, herbicides or polymers.

During the Organic Chemistry course students are familiarized with many groups of compounds and their properties, but still preparatyka organiczna bochwica is not so easy to plan and perform synthesis of complex molecules.

Multistep Organic Synthesis laboratory should enhance students knowledge and skills in preparatyka organiczna bochwica aspects: Bearing this in mind, this manuscript contains a short theoretical part devoted to selected basic ideas to be considered when planning the synthesis, descriptions of some more often used experimental techniques and methods, and finally a selection of recommended experiments starting from fundamental to the advanced one.

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The teachers are free to modify each student program individually using this selection and their own suggested procedures. Safety in the Chemical Laboratory 4 2. How to Design an Efficient Synthesis 5 3. Safety in the Chemical Laboratory The chemistry preparatyka organiczna bochwica is a dangerous environment because chemists regularly use hazardous materials.

Medicinal Chemistry. Artur Mucha and Renata Siedlecka. Multistep Organic Synthesis Practical Course

However, with sensible precautions the laboratory is probably no more dangerous than your home, where you usually have contact with drugs, bleach, herbicides, insecticides, natural gas, electrical equipment, kitchen knives and so on.

It is easy to familiarize preparatyka organiczna bochwica with good laboratory practice and to minimize this way the dangers of organic chemistry.

Essential rules for laboratory safety: Be prepared study carefully the procedure before starting the experiment; you should know which chemicals you are going to use, what properties they have an preparatyka organiczna bochwica to deal with them check the Material Safety Data Sheets ; you should also know about the techniques you are to use; think through the next step you are going to perform before starting it.

Wear approved protective clothing goggles, apron, gloves tie back long hair and loose items of clothing to avoid dropping them into a reagent or getting near flame.

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Check where there are the precautionary measures in your lab locate the nearest eye wash, fire extinguisher, spray shower, fire blanket, emergency exit. Do not put anything in your mouth while in laboratory, including food, drinks and pipettes.

Minimize your contact with any chemicals by skin or inhalation keep the bottles closed, work in a fume hood whenever it is possible. Keep things clean laboratory bench surface and glassware; clean also means dry water can disturb your reaction; wash and put preparatyka organiczna bochwica apparatus away; wipe up or take care of spills on preparatyka organiczna bochwica bench or on the floor.


Be careful while assembling glass and using electrical apparatus; check if all the connections are tight and stable; when dealing with electricity make sure that your hands are dry and there is no other possibility of contact with water.

Do not work alone; you may need assistance or help. Pay attention to proper waste disposal only a few water soluble materials may be disposed of to the sink, other wastes should go into special containers follow their labels.

How to Design an Efficient Synthesis Looking i. Before starting the experiments it preparatyka organiczna bochwica necessary to carefully think over the strategy.

You should choose an inexpensive, readily available starting material and to predict how many and what kind of transformations to apply in order to get the preparatyka organiczna bochwica molecule. If you do not have any ready procedure, prepare yourself for rather long literature study.

Several rules should be followed while planning the step by step synthesis.


Two factors are of major importance: