Nokia N97 Black is a Decent Gadget to Buy

The Nokia N97 Black truly is an amazing gadget. With its ingenious features and sturdy composition, you cannot help but wonder if such a gadget still has flaws. Sadly, there are still minor kinks in the Nokia N97 Black that the company needs to work out but it is definitely nothing they cannot handle.

Minor Drawback:

Marketability: The said device comes at a hefty price. A common person like you will definitely not be able to afford the Nokia N97 Black unless you win the lottery.Nokia should make efforts to expand the N97 market in order to attract more buyers like you.

Advertising Suggestions

Here are some suggestions as to improving the market value of the aforementioned product.

Promotion: Nokia should provide cheaper alternatives when buying the device. The company could offer a “buy one take one free” deal as an example.

Another advertising method could come in the form of free internet connection for the user.Nokiacan also further improve the quality of the Nokia N97 Black in case the company really cannot afford to lower the price of the gadget. This way you will not feel cheated of your hard-earned money if you buy the product because of its first-class quality.In addition, Nokia may also come up with a variety of colors for the productComputer Technology Articles, so that you would have many choices aside from silvery white and black.

Nokia can also adjust the phone’s physical structure. This would make the phone easier to operate and understand. Some examples of physical restructuring could be as follows:

One change they can do is to make the querty keyboard letters larger in size. This can be done to give more comfort to you as the user when typing.

Bottom Line

Making these adjustments would surely take the market value of the product to greater heights. Nokia should always make these changes keep the costumers happy.