Fedra (In Amicorum Numero) [Jean Racine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Phèdre (originally Phèdre et Hippolyte) is a French dramatic tragedy in five acts written in alexandrine verse by Jean Racine, first performed in at the theatre of . was based on Racine's Phèdre as was Simon Mayr's opera Fedra.‎Composition and premiere · ‎Synopsis · ‎Reception · ‎Adaptations. Fedra è una tragedia in cinque atti scritta da Racine nel Si rifà ai classici ellenici e latini Fedra (Racine). Da Wikipedia Autore, Jean Racine.


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Racine's interactions with the Jansenists in his years at this academy would have great influence over him for the rest of his life. At Port-Royal, he excelled jean racine fedra his studies of the Classics and the themes of Greek and Roman mythology would play large roles in his future works.

Close to death and reeling about half-dementedly, under pressure from her old nurse Oenone she explains her state, on condition that she be permitted to die rather than face dishonour.

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The death of Theseus is announced with the jean racine fedra that his succession is in dispute. Oenone urges her mistress that, since her love for her stepson is now legitimate, she should form an alliance with him, if only for the future benefit of the infant son of her own flesh.


Suddenly entering a trance-like state overcome by emotion, she involuntarily confesses her hidden passions to her horrified dumb-struck stepson. Sensing rejection, she leaves in a wild frenzy, demanding Hippolytus' sword to end her torment. Theramenes brings news to Hippolytus that Theseus might still be alive.

Secrecy, a central concern and recourse of the early modern period c. In Racine remained with jean racine fedra theme of the search for truth amid illusion and misrepresentation in Mithridate, which featured a return to tragedy with a Roman background. Mithradates VI, the king of Pontus, is the aging, jealous rival of his sons for the Greek princess Monime.

Against the backdrop of this conflict, the play presents the demise of Mithradates, whose inconsistencies make him increasingly conscious of his own eclipse as a heroic figure feared by Rome.

It is an adaptation of Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripidesabout the prospective sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father Agamemnon.

Unlike Euripides, Racine allows Iphigenia to be spared, as he does many of his virtuous characters, out of concern for the sensibilities of his public.

Fedra / Andrómaca / Los Litigantes / Británico by Jean Racine

Racine presents Phaedra as consumed by an incestuous passion for her stepson, Hippolytus. Receiving false information that her husband, King Theseus, is dead, Phaedra declares her love to Hippolytus, jean racine fedra is horrified.

Theseus returns and is falsely informed that Hippolytus has been the aggressor toward Phaedra. Theseus invokes the aid of the god Neptune to slay his son, who is torn apart when his own horses are frightened by a monster Neptune dispatches out of the sea.

Phaedra commits suicide out of guilt and sorrow, consuming poison that her cousin Medea had brought from Athens to Troezen. She is the ultimate exile in a theatre where captives and wanderers of all sorts betray a profound sense of alienation.

References jean racine fedra ancient Greek mythological figures and to a wide range of geographical places lend a vast, cosmic dimension to the moral itinerary of Phaedra as she suffers bitterly from her incestuous propensities and a sense of her own degradation.

In this short span, a situation of human origin must be resolved by divine intervention so that the child Joas, the rightful king of Judah, will be saved from his murderous grandmother Athalie.

The title character, though evil, still remains admirable in her titanic struggle against an omnipotent adversary. Legacy Jean racine fedra has been hailed by posterity as the foremost practitioner of tragedy in French history.

Jean Racine

Quarto atto[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Enone confessa il misfatto di Ippolito a Teseo. Il poveretto confessa il suo unico peccato: Alla fine il solo lampo di Ippolito in tutto o il dialogo: Teseo invoca la vendetta del dio Nettunoche gli era debitore.

Il monarca si reca dalla moglie e spiattella la giustificazione cercata dallo jean racine fedra Ippolito, l'amore per Aricia. Alla notizia Fedra che voleva dissuadere Teseo da severi propositi di vendetta jean racine fedra basita dal momento che non sapeva di avere una rivale.