The magnitude and detail of this imitatio Christi varies for each individual, ranging from the simple following of his teachings, to seeking out an almost identical. THOMAS A KEMPIS. Imitatio Christi. — GERSON (Johannes). De meditatione cordis. — [Nürnberg: Anton Koberger] — 8°. Cote du. The Imitation of Christ (Latin: De Imitatione Christi) by Thomas à Kempis is a Christian devotional book. It was first composed in Latin ca. – It is a  Language‎: ‎Latin.


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I am the Way, imitatio christi Truth, and the Life. Without the Way, there is no going; without the Truth, there is no knowing; without Life, there is no living.

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Imitatio christi am the Way you are to follow; I am the Truth you are to believe; I am the Life you are to hope for. Shut out the whole world and all its sinful imitatio christi and sit as a solitary sparrow on a housetop and, in the bitterness of your soul, meditate on your transgressions.

It also has been admired by many others, both Catholic and Protestant. John Wesleyimitatio christi founder of the Methodist movementlisted The Imitation among the works that influenced him at his conversion.

General Gordon carried it with him to the battlefield. Vivekananda wrote a preface and a translation of the Imitation in He who has never come under its influence has missed something that would have made him more humble and more ambitious for purity of life.

In place of the openhearted readiness of a Catherine of Sienaa subdued and melancholy resignation runs through the book In this way, even the idea of the imitation of Christ does imitatio christi become the dominant perspective.

These virtues include mastery of the passions, volition, justice, powers of persuasion, and age.

Imitatio Christi | Definition of Imitatio Christi by Merriam-Webster

Cobb discusses the application of these traits to the narrative of Polycarp and compares and contrasts this story with the story of Jesus. She also talks about other martyr narratives, explaining that not all use these same sort of characteristics as virtues.

Martyrdom and Persecution in the Early Church: This chapter talks about how the themes and ways of presenting things in the New Testament are not original. The only thing that sets these works of literature apart from other ancient texts is the narrative of Jesus.

Frend compares different parts of the gospel literature with that of ancient Jewish literature. He discusses similarities that exist between the narratives of later Imitatio christi martyrdoms, and examines how much these similarities should be paid attention to, since many of them also exist in other ancient literature genres.

Imitation of Christ

Peter Lang Publishing, Henten, Jan Willem van and Friedrich Avemarie. Martyrdom and Noble Death: This, he believes, is intentional so that the figure of Polycarp is distinguishable from that of Jesus Christ imitatio christi is not assumed to be divine.

A Guide for the Perplexed. For my project I used information only from section 2.

imitatio christi These sections focus on the imitation of Christ in early Christianity. The deaths of Stephen and Polycarp.