Bulghur (bŭl′gŭr, bul′) [Turkish, bulğur fr Persian] Track list: Nigun Sameach, Clarinetango, Der Heyser Bulgar, Nokh a Glezl Vayn, Terk, Kutcher's Bulgar. Bulgur and Arugula Salad Holly A. Heyser. Nothing beats the smokiness of the bacon mingling with the earthiness of the mushrooms and. Posted on 27 March by Priscilla HEYSER — No Comments ↓ sautéed potatoes, Middle-East bulgur or semolina, or just some simple fresh bread to tear.


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Any notated Klezmer tune is only an approximation towards the end result.

Asamblea Mediterranea - Flying Bulgar

Klezmer music is noted for ornamentation -- perhaps not quite an improvisation, but certainly it's an individual spin on the tune.

Please use these tunes only as guides -- embellish ornamentation, grace notes, and pacing as you feel heyser bulgur. If you rely on them only as written, you really won't be playing true Klezmer style. You may also adjust the "tempo" of these tunes; many sound great when played quickly with spirit.

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The hall of the mountain king flute sheet music

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Chwa, Moroccan lamb roast with cumin tomato sauce

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The hall of the mountain king flute sheet music

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