Annual Leave Calendar Template New Calendar Template Site Annual Leave Request Forms Template Free Ebook Download Or. Although you cannot renew these e-books, you can always re-check them Downloading Ebooks and Audiobooks for Pennsville Public Library Cardholders. This free paper editorial calendar template can help you start the habit of Next, plan the kind of content you'll create, such as blog posts, ebooks, social media campaigns, or videos. . Download Your Free Template & Worksheets Now!


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You will want to refer to this calendar periodically.

Free Editorial Calendar Template

Ebook downloader 2014 calendar example, you will want to task the production of the video far in advance in order to have it ready when needed. If you only plan month to month, you will miss out when content overlaps or extends beyond a month.

Getting your team together on a regular basis for brainstorming, or encouraging them to come up with their ebook downloader 2014 calendar ideas and pooling them together using a system is necessary. Your writing team should already know the categories on the blog, and what kind of content fits into those categories.

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You should also let the team in on your annual calendar. While they might not ebook downloader 2014 calendar about the specifics of dates, at least they know what kind of content themes will happen in the coming year, and can get ideas accordingly.

Encourage your team to find ideas that fit all of the different categories on your blog. Get together regularly to brainstorm and go over the ideas. Come up with headlines for those you decide to keep.


Create a system where team members can store, pool, and submit ideas that everyone can access. They may have ideas that ebook downloader 2014 calendar team members would appreciate writing about.

Be sure your team has a copy of the annual calendar so that they can see the larger roadmap and think of ideas that would fit the broad themes.

Their ideas, after all, will be what makes up the larger theme. Plug content into monthly calendars. It tells you who is writing what, and when.


Using the annual calendar, begin filling in each month according to the content chunks you planned. It must be a perfect compromise between the two.

Make sure to keep each team member or blog category evenly used, if that is an important goal. Your calendar is set up, and all you need to do is follow it. Ebook downloader 2014 calendar team blog has a few more things to do to make the calendar work.

Decide if you want your team in on the the ebook downloader 2014 calendar calendar overview. The reason to do it would be to get them thinking of ideas ahead of time, and to have a general sense of where the blog is going. Perhaps giving them a heads-up a month at a time will be enough.

Establish communication and collaboration routines. For example, you might want to ebook downloader 2014 calendar your writers their assignments two weeks ahead of the publishing date so they have time to write and get a photograph.

You know how your team works best. Your routine should emphasize their strengths. You can print as many idea worksheets as you or your team need.

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Fill out the blog name, month, and dates as needed. Annual Calendar Worksheet A worksheet for planning out an entire year of content themes.

  • Annual leave planner template
  • 2. Begin collecting ideas.

In order to use this worksheet, you must know how many of each content type videos, ebooks, case studies, whitepapers, infographics, etc. This does not include blog posts.

Note all of the holidays and events on the calendar that you might create content for. Note the themes or series you plan to create.