I remember getting a galley of Clive Barker's Weaveworld, and being But when I read the précis of Weaveworld, a book in which a whole race. Weaveworld by Clive Barker. Weaveworld book cover. Free preview. Rating / A true epic of a story - a whirlwind of base instincts and heights of. Weaveworld is a dark fantasy novel by Clive Barker. It is about a magical world that is hidden inside a tapestry, known as the Fugue, to safeguard it from  Pages‎: ‎


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Suzanna, granddaughter of the last caretaker, who feels the pull of the Weaveworld long before she knows the extent of her own powers; Calhoun Mooney, a pigeon-raising clerk who finds the world he's always dreamed of in a fleeting glimpse of the rug; Immacolata, an exiled Seerkind witch intent on destroying her race even if it means calling back the Scourge; and her sidekick, Shadwell, the Salesman, who will sell the Weaveworld to the highest bidder.

In the course of the novel the rug is unwoven, and we travel deep into the glorious raptures of the Weaveworld before clive barker weaveworld witness the final, cataclysmic struggle for its possession.

Their aim was to avoid persecution by clive barker weaveworld who call them demons and fairies and eradication by a destructive being known as the Scourge.

This creature's nature is entirely unknown to the Seerkind, given that nobody has survived to describe it.

Too Much Horror Fiction: Weaveworld by Clive Barker : The Uses of Enchantment

The Fugue, resembling an ordinary, albeit exquisitely woven, carpet is left in the care of a normal woman, Mimi Laschenski, who clive barker weaveworld one of the Seerkind and resides in LiverpoolEngland. Mimi reaches old age and is hospitalised following a stroke.

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A young man named Calhoun Mooney, chasing an escaped homing pigeon, clive barker weaveworld glimpses the Fugue hidden in the carpet, which profoundly affects him. Simultaneously, Mimi's granddaughter Suzanna Parrish, arrives in the city at Mimi's behest.


The mystery surrounding Mimi and the full potential of clive barker weaveworld carpet brings Cal and Suzanna together and quickly into confrontation with the primary antagonists: Immacolata, an exiled and extremely powerful Seerkind bent on revenge; Shadwell, a human salesman with limitless ambition; and Hobart, a conscientious policeman.

Cal and Suzanna acquire new allies and abilities in their goal of protecting clive barker weaveworld Fugue from destruction, venturing into it themselves twice.

Weaveworld - Wikipedia

When Shadwell's actions result in the Fugue's seemingly total obliteration, the surviving Seerkind scatter. In a last desperate attempt to finish them, Shadwell locates and awakens the Scourge, which begins systematically destroying any and all traces of magic it can find.

Cal, Suzanna and their remaining allies make a final stand clive barker weaveworld Shadwell by using his own tactics against him and convince the Scourge to abandon its cause and leave the planet in peace.

In the aftermath, a severely clive barker weaveworld Cal is cared for by Suzanna whilst their friends adjust to permanent life amongst humanity.

Eventually, Cal emerges from his withdrawal with the knowledge of how the Fugue is still alive and can be restored to clive barker weaveworld full glory. At an epic pages, it is an ambitious, genre-straddling work, evoking William Blake, Lewis Carroll, Jorge Luis Borges, and other fantasists and magic realists clive barker weaveworld than the outright horror of Books of Blood and his first novel The Damnation Game Later titles like The Great and Secret Show and Imajica would find Barker continuing in this particular blend of fantastical worlds filled with both guttural horror and transcendent beauty - as well as splendidly perverse eroticism.

Weaveworld by Clive Barker

True to its title, there is a world woven into a carpet, a carpet which comes into the hands of Cal Mooney, an ordinary young man whose life in Liverpool seems to drift aimlessly. Called the Fugue, this world is inhabited by a race of mythical people known as Seerkind who through history had been viciously hunted by man Cuckoos to the Seerkindbut have spirited themselves into this carpet to clive barker weaveworld persecution.

At times clive barker weaveworld story has a rather mechanical feeling, lacks conviction and excitement. Barker has less real emotion here than in his first novel, and has for the most part abandoned his trademark grisly details. Not in a particularly calculating way, simply that my imagination has a large sexual component as, I believe, does everybody's.

Weaveworld by Clive Barker

And why not put it into the books? I think that stories have their own natural lengths: I hope when you get to the end of 'Weaveworld' you'll realise that that was the size it should be. I planned a large novel - I didn't plan a clive barker weaveworld quite as large as it ended up being, but that was the size it needed to be It's not a splatter book, it's not clive barker weaveworld.

What it is is disturbing in places: I think Immacolata, the Magdalene and the Hag are very disturbing creatures.