Richard Addinsell. Warsaw Concerto for piano & orchestra (for the film "Dangerous Moonlight"/"Suicide Squadron"). Composition Information ↓; Description. Richard Addinsell. Publisher: Novello & Co. Warsaw Concerto . See this piece. Publisher. EMI Music Publishers Ltd. Category. Soloist(s) and Orchestra. If you're looking for a piece of music that divides opinion, look no further than this work. Beloved by many for its Rachmaninov-esque melodies and nostalgic.


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There is communal dancing, a scene in a souvenir arcade, and a scene in the Roseland Dance Palace.

Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto: 'bloody awful'? - Classic FM

InEugene Goossens, conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony, contacted composers and addinsell warsaw concerto them to write fanfares for concerts in the season. But one work stands out as unique, both because of its title and as the only work on the list to have remained in the standard repertoire.

After the war, historians had their hands full assessing the conflict. His research assistant, Henry Salomon, was overwhelmed by the huge amount of film footage that had been collected during the course of the war, and he felt that books addinsell warsaw concerto not do the material justice.

Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto: 'bloody awful'?

The network approved the project, addinsell warsaw concerto Salomon assembled a team to edit over eleven thousand hours of film down to fit twenty-six half-hour episodes.

Victory at Sea was an enormous critical and popular success, winning both Emmy and Peabody awards. Richard Rodgers, fresh from the success of The King and I, composed the music for the series.


That's why I can't finish it". But finish it he does.

Richard Addinsell - Warsaw Concerto - Music Sales Classical

Similar to the way that Rachmaninoff returns to his second theme in his Second Piano Concerto, the "Carol" melody is used, not only to bind together the emotional strands of the drama, but to bring the Concerto to a triumphant conclusion. When snatches of the Concerto are first played, one character tells another, "I've got the records", and when the "premiere" is shown, we are provided with a close-up of the program, Warsaw Concerto, with three movements listed.

Only one movement was actually written by Addinsell. addinsell warsaw concerto

The off-screen piano part was played by Louis Kentnera fine British musician known for his performances of Franz Lisztbut he had insisted that there be no on-screen credit, for fear that his participation in a popular entertainment would harm his classical reputation.

In his appearance on Desert Island DiscsGuy Gibsonleader of the Dambusters raid, asked for it as his first choice. The theme of the Concerto is borrowed in a popular-music love song addinsell warsaw concerto lyrics include "The world outside will never know Richard Clayderman recorded an arrangement for the piece with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for his album The Classic Touch, which was released in The music was used in the film, The Sea Wolveswith Addinsell's themes addinsell warsaw concerto by Roy Budd.

Warsaw Concerto for piano &… | Details | AllMusic

Other pop culture references[ edit ] British composer Clive Richardson composed London Fantasia as a sequel to the Warsaw Concerto in Spike Milligan repeatedly refers to the piece in his autobiography Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall and in the subsequent books in the series as 'the bloody awful Warsaw Concerto'.

So it was with Richard Addinsell 's Warsaw Concerto for piano and orchestra -- a pastiche of the quintessential romantic piano concerto, composed for use in the British film Dangerous Moonlight, in which a Polish pianist addinsell warsaw concerto himself caught up in the Battle of Britain.

The original idea of the addinsell warsaw concerto one of whom, Terence Young, would go on to direct addinsell warsaw concerto out of the first four James Bond films was reportedly to use Rachmaninov 's Piano Concerto No. The music of the Warsaw Concerto is used in the film both as incidental music and as the subject of a performance in the film a concert worked into the plot ; it fills and surrounds each moment, its passion and nostalgia it was modeled on Rachmaninovafter all movingly at odds with the horrific reality of life in Britain in